Applied Physics Alumni Association Newesletter

Newsletter Number-5, January 2024
Front Cover
Reaching from the Editorial Desk
Centenary preparation: Photographs
Birth Centenary Celebration of Prof M De
Innovation - A Way of Life - by Chandan Dutta
A study on Operation of IGBT and IGCT Combination in parallel - by Saumendra Gupta
A journey to become an Entrepreneur - Tech Talk of Swarup Talukdar
Tapan Dasgupta speaking about his company - Tech Talk Part-1
Tapan Dasgupta speaking about prospects & problems of doing business - Tech Talk Part-2
On the responses of the alumni on WA-page followed by the Tech-Talks
Inaugural Ceremony on 24th January -Program Details
Our Centenary Program Sponsors
63rd Reunion Program on 28th January at Science College Campus
Centenary Celebration timelin
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